This post is to make it easier for me to click daily. XD

Of course, if you do click, I’ll love you forever.

They’re all rigged, just click on them will do. ^^

Squiby clicks

Mmm yes. ^^

Since I took quite a lot of pictures there days…


Haha lol, this is CCC’s pants. With special accessories.


She recently took a liking to those furball, and bought two, one black, one pink.

One is hung on her phone, another on her pencil case.

Peir Shen took her phone and put it into his pocket, and he looks really gay with furballs at his pocket. ==


This is CCC’s new bag. the brand new RM150 bag.

CH gave it a name, Doris. He used to call it Dolly, because it has quite a number of buttons (over 200, he really counted), and in Chinese it meant 多粒, which sounds like Dolly. But later he said he preferred Doris more. XD

He talks to Doris even more than to me. :/ You know, greet Doris in the morning and such.


This is my hand. ^^ With CCC’s writing on it.

Exact words: ~I LOVE FION~

Signature: Fion     TripleCH

And turtle at the very bottom, I guess we’re talking about turtles at the time.

Mmm, I can smell someone’s jealousy from here. ;P


You know you can’t resist strawberries. 😉

These are bride and bridegroom strawberries, made for a couple for their wedding. ^^

25 boxes, 12 pcs a box = RM 1300

Oh yeah, I worked like hell for a day and a half.


Its hard work, it is. :/


CCC in a small car in Gurney. We were hiding form Peir Shen, and she got bored waiting for him to find us.

I remember promising not to upload the picture, but oh well, what are promises for if they’re not here to be broken? 😉


Dinner at Pulau Tikus market. ^^

Sushi + dessert + random fishball from sister’s kueytiao soup.

The sushi is amazing, I have to say.

Try it if you have the time to visit. ^^


Cute bunny and my laptop.

I hand sewed the bunny. I did. Really.


Me in formal wear. :/

Yeah, I know you don’t wanna see, scroll down then.


My sister trying to take a pic of me in Korean class. XD

But look, I succeeded first.


Last pic.

To end everything perfectly, DELICIOUS CHICKEN RICE!!!

Mmm, I’m hungry. :/

Mmm, I have a presentation this Friday.

Its a group presentation, my group has 6 people, and out title is The Importance of Internet in Business. :/

I don’t know why we chose this initially, its quite a hard topic to talk about, as we found out recently…

We haven’t finshed editing our slides yet, and the presentaion time is still a bit short.

But yeah, there’s another problem, still. :/

We have to wear formal on presentation day, which means blouse, skirt and ugh, high heels. :/

Blouse is okay, I got a white one.

Skirts, all are black, I think. So mine’s black too. XD

Its the shoes that is a problem. I can’t wear high heels.

But yeah, I have exactly a week to practise. My sis managed to persuade her friend to lend me her shoes, since I can’t find one I like.  Its a bit small, but it’ll have to do.

Mmm, I’ll upload me in formal wear pic tomorrow, maybe. But beware, it’ll be horrendous. ;(

Lastly, wish me luck? ^^

Yeah, I drew a new picture. ^^

And I need comments, since my family won’t give me constructive ones. :/

My mum thinks its downright ugly, my dad said something weird which I didn’t understand, my brother is too busy with his gameboy DS, and my sis says she doesn’t give comments without pay.

So yeah, I succumbed  to my poor poor blog. 8D

mina plush副本

Oh right, SHINee ROCKS!!!!

Random thought, but yeah. 8)

Speaking of SHINee makes me think of fake Key.

My sis managed to get a picture of him yesterday at GP.

He knows who we are now, such lousy stalkers we are.



Mmmhmm, cute, right? 8K

Life is soooo boring.

Nothing much to do in coll, no assignments (yet), no exams…

Oh yeah, I’ve got a quiz to study for. :/

But well, you get the idea.

All we do in class is gossip, tease ShuWei about her Danny boy, and well… be Chian Chee’s slave. XD

She has recently taken a liking to bossing me around, calling me her… maid.

And adding my afterlives to my time of service if I angered her.

I currently have to serve her for my next 50 lives or so. No wait, I bargained it to 45.

Oh yeah, I saw someone driving the exact same model BMW as mine today.

Yeah, the cars mine now. XP

And you know its really rare to see a car like that now.

I did manage to snap a few pictures  of it, but they weren’t good, the car is moving. :/

 So yeah, I’ll upload when I have time. Which means later. XD

Edit: Later is now!!!



Yeah, I drew a picture.
I promised, so I did. ^^
Here it is…
Credits given to my sister, who wrote her name.
Its her first time using a graphic tablet.

Yeah, well. I guess I have to sometime in the future anyway.

So that’s after… 6 months, yea, and I started driving again.

Since my dad wouldn’t part with his beloved BMW, I get to drive that.

I was reluctant to get into that car, because I figured it would be disastrous.

I mean, that car is here even before I was BORN. :/

[ My driving skills + 18 coming on 19 years old manual car = disaster of the century ]

So, yea, it was… better than I has imagined, but I 死火 about 6 times in first gear.

( God, what do you call “xi huei” in English? )

I swear that first gear hates me. Which is why I despise manual cars.

But that lovely ajusshi behind me didn’t horn me at all, thank you ajusshi!! ^^

That’s really nice of him, because I stopped for around 5 minutes in front of him, I can’t get the car engine started. ==

But on the whole, yeah, driving is fun. ^^

At least I didn’t, you know, knock someone down or something. 

Want me to drive you around sometimes?

Fill up the form and hand them in . 😉